Increased Understanding, Ensuring Inclusion

Educating people about autism. Increased understanding, ensuring inclusioN

‘Spectacular Girls™’ Wellbeing Workshops for Autistic Girls


‘Spectacular Girls™ well-being workshops’ are aimed at autistic girls in primary and secondary mainstream schools, specialist schools and other settings and have been sensitively designed to help autistic girls to develop greater self-awareness and increased self-esteem and are adapted for girls of different ages and stages. 

Workshops support autistic girls to understand a range of important topics. Pupils learn about and explore what neurodiversity means and how being autistic may affect them individually. A variety of relevant issues are discussed such as; friendships and relationships, ,communication, intense interests, safety, health and well-being, autism ‘burnout’ and ‘camouflage’. Mental health is a particularly relevant issue too. We know that some autistic girls will self-harm and that some autistic women will take their own lives often in middle age. We need to prevent this by supporting autistic girls and women by providing information, resources and support now. This series of workshops is suitable for girls who have been diagnosed with autism as well as those awaiting a diagnosis.